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God’s Word for All: Together for Transformation

Joint Partnership Event, 28 May 2022

Joint Partnership Event 2022 Banner

After two years of no in-person events, it was really so exciting to have over 80 people gathered together for the annual Joint Partnership Event organised by Wycliffe Singapore, Wycliffe Asia Pacific and nearly 20 other entities. Guests were eager to hear about the projects that are underway in various countries and to find out how they could support the work.

The keynote speaker, Rev Dr Bambang Widjaja, in a pre-recorded message, gave a heartfelt call for the Word of God to be communicated in the “heart language” of hearers so that the scripture is able to bring about life transformation. His stories raised much laughter from the listeners.

Our Executive Director, Charles Ho, speaking to the audience

Two beautiful videos were screened to illustrate the many forms Bible translation projects can take, and how lives are changed when people encounter the Word of God in their own language:

Invited speakers also shared about a multilingual education project in South Asia, and an oral Bible storying project in Indonesia. It was very inspiring to hear about the work that has been done, and the way God is working through these projects.

If you would like to support or find out more about projects in the field supported by Wycliffe Singapore’s R200 Programme, please contact us.


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