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Up Close with Wycliffe Members – Administrative Officer

Have you ever thought about serving but felt that your call is to remain in Singapore? While there is much work to be done in the overseas missions field, did you know that a great deal of support work is also required in local offices? Such support is crucial for the wellbeing of missionaries in the field. Locally-based Wycliffe members serve in a variety of ways ranging from administration, to human resource, to leadership roles.

In this multi-part series, we get Up close with Wycliffe members who work faithfully behind the scenes. In previous parts, Hannah and Felicia shared about their roles as Project Coordinators, while David shared about his role as Executive Director.

In this third part, Sally Ong, who has been serving in the Wycliffe Singapore office for over 15 years, shares with us about her current role as an Administrative Officer:

What is the role of the Administrative Officer in the Wycliffe Singapore office?

Sally: As some might say, admin officers are often the ‘do everything as and when needed’ people. So, basically, I manage the regular administrative tasks such as compiling all sorts of data, keeping contact and mailing lists up-to-date, mailing out soft- and hardcopy publications to relevant parties, and even keeping the office stocked up with essentials like pantry and other supplies.

More specific tasks include preparing for our weekly office prayer meeting – I need to plan the theme for the week, assign a list of people to lead the sharing session, look for worship songs, prepare presentation slides, and also collect and collate items for prayer. This involves trawling through articles and prayer items on the Wycliffe Global Alliance (WGA) prayer net and selecting items to pray for, as well as contacting Wycliffe members for their specific and individual prayer needs and collating these.

Some other ad-hoc tasks I have also helped with include mission awareness programmes, such as setting up missions booths in churches and at events, meeting and sharing with people about Wycliffe’s ministry, and helping to coordinate The Journey programmes.

How did you come to serve in this administrative role in Wycliffe Singapore?

Sally: I had always worked in the area of administration and accounts. When I first started serving with Wycliffe in 2004, the then Executive Director felt that administration was my strong point. Hence, I have been serving in this capacity to this day.

What are some challenges you have encountered in your role?

Sally: More often than not, admin tasks can be rather menial. Admittedly, I have at times faced difficulty in finding fulfilment in these tasks.

What, then, has kept you serving at Wycliffe?

Sally: I feel that there are still many things I can learn about the missions world in the midst of performing even routine tasks. For example, the world is constantly changing; along with it, the circumstances of our missionaries in the field and their needs also change. I get to know about all these and keep up-to-date with what is happening in the world and around us when consolidating prayer requests from missionaries and searching for prayer needs on the WGA prayer net for prayer meetings and lists.

Moreover, I have to remember that though my role might seem insignificant at times, it is nonetheless an important one in helping to bring people together – whether in the office, as prayer supporters, or in any other way.

Ultimately, I find that because I still have a heart for missions, I can continue to serve God’s purpose, through Wycliffe, with conviction.

Find out more about the various ways you can serve with Wycliffe Singapore here.

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