Are you looking for training programmes that can help your church members to grow in their understanding and skills? Here are some customisable programmes that we provide to help you or your church in the area of missions. We also organise events which are available to all churches.

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101: Mission Awareness Programme

Missions Talk
Talks on a wide range of mission topics. Details can be worked out with the Wycliffe team.

Missions Sermon
Sermons from the pulpit by qualified speakers and missionaries.

Sharing about Wycliffe​
A brief sharing to the congregation or to a smaller group about the work of Wycliffe.

Missions Booth
Set up a missions display on your premises during Mission Emphasis weeks. This booth features ethnic handicrafts, giveaways such as flyers and magazines, and books for sale.

Children’s programme​
A children’s programme for your Sunday School to help your kids learn about Bible translation and missions.

The Journey
A simulation programme for all ages. In just 5 hours, participants vividly experience many of the processes a missionary would go through to prepare for the field. 
*Minimum 100 participants

101+: Mission Development Programme

Brief training for cross-cultural ministry
This is a two- to three-hour programme for people who are going for a mission trip or for those who are involved in cross-cultural ministry in Singapore, e.g., with migrant workers.

Introduction to Linguistics and Literacy
A one-hour taster on linguistics and literacy, which can be a module in a longer programme or conference about missions.

Introduction to Bible translation work
A two- to three-hour taster on Bible translation work. It can be a module in a longer programme about missions, or for anyone who is exploring Bible translation as a career.

Mentoring programme
A small group mentoring programme for people who are considering becoming missionaries.

102: Mission Involvement Programme

Adopt an R200 project
Churches or individuals can be part of the ministry of reaching the minority people groups by adopting an R200 project. You may do so by praying and/or giving to one of our projects. Find out more about R200 Projects here.

Mission Trip​
Wycliffe can organise mission trips for your church members to experience first-hand what God is doing among minority people groups. Our annual Camp Wycliffe is also highly recommended for those who are keen to learn more about missions. Find out more here.

Short-term Mission Programme​​
Short-term postings for those considering cross-cultural work as a career. Postings from one month to two years can be arranged for interested individuals.