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New Book for Parents of Third Culture Kids

This Is Home, Surely? A Guide for Parents of Singaporean “Third Culture Kids” By Sharon & David Tan

“Where are you from?”

An easy question for most to answer, but a very tough one for Third Culture Kids (TCK). Children who grow up outside Singapore may not feel that they belong to Singapore, but they do not belong to the host culture either.

An increasing number of Singaporean families are living overseas for various reasons, and their children are growing up as TCKs. On returning to Singapore, they have to adjust to Singapore culture, make new friends, and continue their education in the Singapore education system.

This book provides Singaporean parents with suggestions to smooth their children's re-entry to Singapore. With experience drawn from the real-life experiences of the authors' children and others they know personally, this book will be helpful to families of TCKs through the whole process of preparing to leave Singapore, while overseas, and when they return.

The Authors

David Tan is the Executive Director of Wycliffe Singapore, while Sharon serves in Communications. They lived and worked overseas for more than a decade with their daughters, returning to Singapore when the girls were 14 and 16 years old. One of their responsibilities is helping families who are preparing to go overseas to plan for their children’s well-being and eventual re-entry.

To purchase print copies, please contact us. Price: S$5 each (plus postage and packing if applicable).

Ebooks are available on: Google Play (Epub), Price: S$4; Amazon (Kindle), Price US$2.99.

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