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Book Review – Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids

Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids: A Practical Guide to Preventive Care, by Lauren Wells, 2020. (246 pgs)

This is a practical, easy-to-read guide to preventive care for Third-Culture Kids (TCKs) and anyone who cares for them.

Definition: A TCK is a person who spends a significant part of his or her developmental years in a culture other than their parents' culture.

TCKs are often envied for their exciting multicultural lives and experiences. This cross-cultural exposure makes them adaptable, resilient and empathetic. However, they also experience considerable stress, loss, grief and identity issues from repeated transitions.

Lauren Wells advocates intentionally providing preventive care to TCKs, and shares practical advice and strategies for parents to help their TCKs grow up emotionally healthy. For each topic in her book, Wells makes suggestions for parents under these headings:

  • Conversations – guides and ideas for talking with TCKs

  • Awareness – of the challenges of the TCK life

  • Relationship – between TCKs and their parents

  • Example – how parents can model how to handle transitions

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