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Moving People through Media

EMDC Online conducted an online webinar, “From Media to Movements”, where various members from the Media To Movements team shared the impact of media and how we can make disciples through the use of media and technology by engaging spiritual seekers all over the world.

As the internet has been growing exponentially over the years (with about 1 billion new internet users every 2.7 years globally!), media becomes increasingly significant in how it can bring people together to learn more about Christ and seek information about Christianity.

They also explained the different stages enquirers might go through as they seek information about various religions and embark on their spiritual journey, and how disciple-makers can make use of media to engage with these people and lead them to learn more about Christ and the faith.

Disciple Making Funnel by Kingdom Training

Successful media-to-movements initiatives need to have these 6 characteristics:

  • A trained core team with at least 2 or more people with a defined vision and mission

  • A plan to catalyse prayer

  • Contextualized branded website and/or social media platform(s)

  • Digital conversations with seekers to understand their spiritual openness and needs

  • A system to organize and manage seekers

  • Trained disciple-makers ready to meet seekers face-to-face

Additionally, they shared how it is critical to also use media as a way to filter out those who are genuinely interested in the faith by asking these questions:

  • How spiritually open are they?

  • Are they willing to meet face-to-face to learn more?

  • Where are they located?

  • Are they willing to share what they have learnt with others?

Our team thought that it was rather interesting to learn the various ways in which media can impact one’s spiritual journey in this digital age, and we hope to be able to utilize such platforms to impact many more people in the near future.

Read more about Media To Movements and their initiatives toward bringing God’s Word to people all over the world. There are also other types of courses held by EMDC Online.

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