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God’s Word for All: Together for Transformation

A Wycliffe Asia-Pacific Event, 6 March 2021

For the first time, several entities working in Asia came together to jointly organise an event to share the work that is being done in various projects across the region. The entities were: Yayasan Kartidaya (Indonesia), Wycliffe Malaysia, Wycliffe Philippines, Translators Association of the Philippines, Wycliffe Singapore, Wycliffe Thailand, SIL Asia and the Wycliffe Global Alliance Asia-Pacific Area. The motivation was to encourage the guests to be involved in the Bible Translation movement. Around 300 guests from the various countries participated via Zoom.

A pre-recorded message from Francis Chan, well-known author and speaker, was played where he highlighted the issue of Bible poverty among many people groups, and the importance of providing a Bible in a language they could understand well. This was followed by a moving video describing the Ambonese Malay Bible translation, and the way it has changed lives.

The various entities then split up, some to continue their meetings online, while some had smaller in-person meetings. The Singapore guests had met earlier in 3 homes to share dinner and “Zoom” together. After a brief introduction to various projects for all the Singapore guests, the 3 groups continued to share and interact offline.

Let us pray that those who attended will be encouraged to get involved and support translation projects so that many more people groups can have the Bible in their own languages.


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