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5 Ways You Can Pray for People Groups in Difficult Places

Much of the remaining work of Bible translation is happening in countries where the gospel isn’t welcome. As believers, we can connect with people groups and their work through prayer. It’s a significant part of Bible translation! But how can we pray when we often don’t know specific details? How can we pray when we don’t know the real language name, or maybe even the country that the people live in?

The important thing is that God knows exactly who we’re praying for, where they live and what’s happening in their community. Here are five different groups of people in difficult places you can pray for right now.

Believers in underground churches
  • Pray that these believers will know God as their comforter and source of hope.

  • Pray that Scripture will reach them through online distribution and encourage them in their faith.

Those who needed to leave their home country
  • Pray they will come to know God and the assurance of his presence.

  • Pray for opportunities to distribute Scripture to language speakers.

Those persevering in Bible translation
  • Pray that God will provide the team with unity, smooth progress and the right team members.

  • Pray for each team member to grow in wisdom, creativity and skill.

  • Pray that the team will gain better contact with speakers of the language in their home country.

  • Pray for those who haven’t received the gospel yet.

  • Pray they will have the opportunity to learn and respond to the Good News.

Communities and Governments
  • Pray for leaders to be prepared to welcome and receive translation work and, ultimately, the gospel.

  • Praise God that he hears our prayers and will answer.

This article first appeared in Frontlines, Winter 2019, © Wycliffe Bible Translators US. Reproduced with permission.

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