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Year-in-review: Thanks Be To God

The team at Wycliffe Singapore look back on 2021 and see how God has worked in their lives. Praise be to our good, good Father!

Praise God for a smooth handover to the new Executive Director.

Thank God for technology that allowed the work to continue despite Covid, that we have been blessed with Zoom, WA, shared drives, social media, etc.

I’m thankful for God's provision for a good office to work in, for wonderful colleagues to work with, for being part of the admin team and a role to fill in which is part of my passion.

I’m grateful that support for the R200 programme has been steady in spite of the pandemic, and that the projects are also able to keep moving forward somehow. I’m also grateful for the lovely folks in the Teochew Storying Team.

Praise God that we have all found ways to work even though we have spent more time WFH than in the office. And that there is hope that we can return to working in the office in 2022.

Praise God for his protection and keeping those in the field safe.

Thanks for good health and for successfully losing some weight this year.

In April, I discovered I had diabetes. But I’m grateful for this, because I was finally motivated to lose weight and work on my fitness. I’m now in better health than I’ve been for a long time.

I’m grateful for being home at the right time—to go through the pandemic with family, colleagues and friends.

Thank God for having a good and caring government that takes care of us (the people) during challenging times by providing practical help.

Praise God for his provision that I was able to receive the needed financial support despite the situation in Singapore.

Thank God for being part of a cell group in our home church—rebuilding relationships with the ministry leaders and congregation.

Praise God for my husband’s new role in church as an Executive Ministry staff in the area of Mission and GYM (the Glowing Years Ministry for the seniors). For rebuilding relationships with the Pastoral team, Staff & Ministry Team leaders, Board leaders and the congregation.

Last but not least, I’m thankful for God's mercy, goodness, grace and love to us all.

What are you thankful to God for this past year? Share your thanksgiving in the comments below!

From everyone at Wycliffe Singapore, a huge thank you for your continued prayers and support. Let's share God's Word with more people in their heart language in the year ahead. Blessed Christmas and a happy new year!
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