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Stories from the Field: Papua New Guinea

For our inaugural session in the Work@Wycliffe series, we invited Coral, Wycliffe Singapore’s longest-serving member, to share about her years among the Mauwake in Papua New Guinea. Her work and life there have been previously written about in The Boss Is Good!

So just a couple more titbits from her sharing that evening:

What is that?

One of the first questions that foreign visitors to a people group will ask is the name of the language and the people group. Long ago, in response to the first missionaries who tried to find out their name, and the puzzled people replied, “Mauwake”, meaning “What is that?”. Thinking that their question was being answered, the visitors gave that name to the people group and their language!


A bag of apples

Where they lived, apples were not often available, and only in the market town. One morning, Coral woke up with a strong desire to eat an apple. Living so far from the market, and with no plans to go there, she dismissed the thought, but the feeling lingered on through the day. Later that day, there was a knock on the door, and a friend handed her a bag of apples! She had been passing by on the way to another village, and decided on the spur of the moment to drop off a few apples. Coral said that there was no particular reason why she needed the apples, and her conclusion was that God sometimes just took delight in giving good things to his children. What a loving Father we have!

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