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Missions Is For You!

Nearly 100 people turned up for a family day of fun activities on 2 November 2019 to mark the 36th anniversary of Wycliffe Singapore. To engage even the younger members of each family, a children’s programme was included to help everyone in the family discover that missions can be for anyone!

The day's programme included a buffet lunch for mingling, workshops, and sharing about projects. Guests were rewarded with chocolates for correct answers if they could answer questions about Wycliffe and missions correctly!

Guests chose two out of three workshops:

  • Craft a Bible story in Singlish – hands-on experience of story-crafting in clear, accurate and natural language.

  • Linguistics taster – phonetics, grammar and more!

  • Power tools for language learning – tips for picking up a new language.

While their parents were attending the workshops, the children were involved with Bible-related activities such as stories, games, arts and craft, and even balloon twisting!

Some feedback from guests:

"Super impressed by how intentional everything was, all linking to the big idea of God's word. Teachers were great and passionate!"

"It was good to learn more about Wycliffe's work, and the workshops were engaging."

"The event was an eye-opener! I learnt about C.A.N. (Clear, Accurate and Natural) when telling a Bible story, while making it relevant and culturally appropriate."

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