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Camp Wycliffe 2018

The annual Camp Wycliffe in Thailand is an immersive 5-day missions exposure camp. Participants get a chance to experience living cross-culturally and get a taste of missions. This year, a group of seven people from Wycliffe Singapore went to join the other 30 or so people who attended, with participants from Thailand, Hong Kong, and even as far away as Canada! As in previous years, the programme was divided between a training phase and a village stay.

The training phase saw participants being given introductions to aspects of Wycliffe’s ministries, such as cross-cultural issues, language learning, phonetics, Bible translation, literacy, etc.

The highlight for most participants was the village stay where they could try out a few of the language learning techniques they had learned, interact with the villagers and experience village life. This year, the village project was to help build a Sunday School venue, and also hold a children’s programme.

What participants said:

... as I sat in the back of the truck and looked at the mountains all around me on the way to the village, I was amazed at the thought of how God knows where all the people are and desires for them to know Him as well.

... there many people groups who do not have the Bible translated into their own heart language yet, and many of them are found in Southeast Asia.

... the realities of spiritual warfare ... it hit me that these things are definitely real and present.

... hearing God's call is simply being obedient and ready to listen to His leading and guidance.

... my next step is to find out how I can be involved in missions after graduation, whether short-term or long-term.

If you are interested to get a taste of missions, join Camp Wycliffe in May 2019! Sign up to receive our news and updates here.

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