What Language Does God Speak?

by Bob Creson, President and CEO, Wycliffe USA
Morgan Jackson, director of Faith Comes By Hearing, remembers the day some years ago when he visited a Konkomba village in Ghana. His organization partners with Bible translators to produce audio recordings of Scripture, and he asked the Konkomba leaders if they’d like to listen to God’s message in their language.  
They didn’t believe it was possible. “God doesn’t speak our language,” they said.  “He only speaks English.”

Bible Storying Workshop, July 2016

The Bible Storying workshop was held over one Friday evening and one full Saturday, on 29 to 30 July 2016.  Keith Benn, from Wycliffe Australia and his team, came to teach the 40 eager participants who wanted to learn how to tell Bible stories more effectively. Many of them were Sunday School teachers, but after the workshop they realised that they could tell Bible stories not just to Sunday School kids but also to adults, as a way to share the Good News or lead Bible Studies. Come join us at the next Bible Storying workshop!


YOLO - You Only Live Once.

Why not do something that is worthwhile as well as fun, and guaranteed to open your eyes to a wider world?

See what a young person decided to do with one year of her life, with Wycliffe.

More Than Words February - May 2016

From Bible Translation to Fruitful Transformation
Is Bible translation just about getting God's Word translated into the heart language of a Bible-less people group, placing it into their hands and then moving on to the next project? Read how the translated Word can bring about fruitful transformation in the lives of a language community when it is engaged through different tools and ways.


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