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Fast Facts:
  • Languages: Dakaney*, Mudanot*, Labaning*, Lumanag*, Gaijo* and Kahak*

  • No. of speakers: 619,000

  • Location: Southeast Asia**

  • Project 1: 2014–2016

  • Project 2: Feb 2017–Dec 2020

  • Project 3: Jan 2021–mid-2027

Long-term Goals:
  • Translate the entire New Testament into six languages.

  • Train some team members to be facilitators or consultants-in-training for other projects.

The Robeno cluster comprises six language groups which live within the same region. None of the groups is indigenous to the area and their cultures are very diverse. They are traditionally animistic, but belief in spirits and their influence is dying out. Now predominantly Christian, the believers use Scriptures in the national language, which most do not understand well.

In Phase 1 of this project, oral Bible stories in their mother tongues brought God’s Word to life and offered them a clearer understanding of the gospel message.

In Phase 2, the teams translated Luke (five teams written, Kahak team oral) and did the Jesus Film, then delivered them to the communities.

Phase 3 has been under way since January 2021. It is undertaking the translation of the rest of the New Testament.

* For security reasons, pseudonyms are used for the language name and names of individuals.

** The exact location is confidential. Prior approval is required for further reproduction or distribution in any form.


Project updates:


Apr 2024 - Robeno
Download PDF • 1.31MB

Jan 2024 - Robeno
Download PDF • 490KB


Nov 2023 - Robeno
Download PDF • 845KB

Jul 2023 - Robeno Update
Download PDF • 1.59MB

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