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Wycliffe Canada (Prescience labs)



Utilize WebAssembly (WASM) for app optimization, refactoring legacy components for speed and efficiency.

- Explore WASM for optimization.

- Collaborate on refactoring.

- Gain hands-on experience.

- Build a faster app.

- Curiosity about WASM.

- JavaScript skills.

- Problem-solving mindset.

The Bible Translator's Assistant (TBTA) is a leading-edge Bible translation software platform. This system has the potential to not only save significant time and cost for each translation project, it has also shown in some cases to improve the quality of a translation, improve team dynamics and widen the scope and impact of projects.

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3, 6 months or 1 year

If you are interested in this role, please drop us a message by clicking 'Find My Fit'. Indicate in the comments section the role and we'll be glad to start a conversation! 
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