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Language Surveyor


Language Survey is field research that prepares the way for Bible translation and literacy work. It involves travelling and meeting many new people, asking questions and sometimes recording segments of speech for the Bible translators to analyse. If you like adventure, this could be the job for you.


  • Work on a team to conduct primary social, linguistic, and sociolinguistic research.

  • Work on a team to accurately and systematically record and report data.

  • May also gather secondary data from libraries, the internet, knowledgeable people, and journals.

  • May write up research.


  • Diploma or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree may be required for some international locations.

  • Working competency in language(s) used on the job by survey team and/or supervisor.

  • Working knowledge of national and local context and/or organisational or institutional policies.


  • Intercultural Communication Course may be required.

  • Volunteers will be given an individualised training and orientation programme.

Language Surveyor
If you are interested in this role, please drop us a message by clicking 'Find My Fit'. Indicate in the comments section the role and we'll be glad to start a conversation! 
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