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Community Development Specialist

Community Development

Community development projects are tangible ways to demonstrate love and build relationships with a language community and local officials. A Community Development Specialist identifies and finds ways to meet the felt needs in the community. These will pave the way for language development and Bible translation projects to start.


  • Relate to community members, leaders and local officials to understand the felt needs and possible community development projects.

  • Facilitate or lead workshops and training courses to meet the local community’s interests and/or needs.

  • Work alongside the Bible translation team to integrate community development and language work where appropriate.


  • Bachelor’s degree or other qualification in a relevant field.

  • Experience in community development and adult learning/training is beneficial.

  • Previous cross-cultural experience is beneficial.

  • Other training may be required by individual projects.

Community Development Specialist
If you are interested in this role, please drop us a message by clicking 'Find My Fit'. Indicate in the comments section the role and we'll be glad to start a conversation! 
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