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Volunteer with Wycliffe Singapore

What can you look forward to as an intern or volunteer with Wycliffe?

You can choose to be in the Wycliffe office, helping in any of the areas like administration, communications, programmes and language project coordination. Wycliffe holds mission displays at churches, organises workshops, and is invited to conduct Sunday School mission programmes or run simulation games. The intern or volunteer can expect to get involved in all these activities to gain a deeper insight into mobilisation and communications, as well as mission education. If you have writing or translation skills in English and Mandarin, we welcome you to consider helping us. For the most part, writing, editing or translation work can be done from home, so you do not have to travel.

Overseas internships are also possible. We have missionaries who work in different locations in Asia. If you want some hands-on experience in the field, you can apply to be attached to one of our workers, subject to the availability of the missionaries, matching of skill sets, and the socio-political situation of the field of choice.

We welcome you to talk to us about what you want to do and how we can be of service to you. Call 62257477 or email us at


Experience greater dependence on the Lord as you rely on him to provide for you as he takes you out of your comfort zone.

Experience life in a new culture and make a start on learning a new language.

Learn and grow as you interact with current missionaries.

Be challenged as you see the faith, passion and determination of workers on the field to finish translating the Bible into their own language


Up to 4 weeks:

1-2 week trips can be arranged to visit a current project, interact with both Wycliffe missionaries and mother-tongue translators themselves and to observe translation and consultant checking processes in real life.

1 month to 1 year:

Consider investing a longer period of time into a project. This will also give you a greater opportunity to really immerse yourself into another culture, begin to learn a new language and make a contribution through becoming part of a team.


You may not be a linguist or a translator, but there are many ways that your skills can be put to use in support of a translation project. A translation project requires managers, administrators, IT specialists, educators and many more people. You can support the work of Bible translation by:

  • Providing English tuition or workshops in basic computer skills to translators

  • Assisting with homeschooling of long-term members' children

  • Providing educational workshops on basic healthcare

  • Providing administrative support and managerial support to understaffed projects

  • Editing video and audio media


If you’re looking for some work experience or just want to give time to serve the Lord in a mission agency, we welcome you to join us!

You can serve as an intern from one month to a year. Whether as a support worker or in the field, we’re sure that God will speak to you through that experience. Or you could do voluntary service on a regular or ad hoc basis.

Here’s what some of our past and current interns and volunteers have to say:


I’ve gained better insight into God’s work through the missionaries. I respect them for their selfless dedication. It’s my honour to share in a tiny part of their work!


Using my God-given gifts to serve people groups that do not have God's Word in their mother tongue is a rewarding experience in my faith journey.

Weng Hei

My time at Wycliffe has made me realise how much time Bible translators take to translate God's Word into a language that has no Bible. I hope more people will respond to God's call and take up Bible translation.


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