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Fast Facts:
  • Languages: Zedsee*

  • No. of speakers: 1,080,000

  • Christians: <1%

  • Location: Asia**

  • Project start date: 2009

  • Expected completion: beyond 2025

  • Translate full New Testament and Old Testament portions.

  • Produce evangelistic videos and songs in the Zedsee language.

The Zedsee* live in a mountainous region in Asia. Those in the rural areas are subsistence farmers, but many young people move to towns and cities for education and work.

They are a deeply animistic people with a strong belief in spirits. There has been Western missionary activity in the past, but Christianity was most recently introduced again around 2000. Only about 0.5% of the population are Christians and face pressure from family and the community to join in traditional religious rituals.

The people communicate with one another mainly in the Zedsee language. This project aims to produce evangelistic materials as well as translate selected books of the Bible and worship songs.

* For security reasons, pseudonyms are used for the language name and names of individuals.

** The exact location is confidential. Prior approval is required for further reproduction or distribution in any form.


Project updates:
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