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Fast Facts:

  • Languages: Romanian Sign Language

  • No. of signers: 24,600

  • Location: Asia

  • Project period: 2020-2023


  • Translate and publish the book of Mark.

  • Promote the use of translated material, including the 32 Chronological Bible stories published earlier.

The Romanian Deaf community does not have access to much of God's Word in their best language - Romanian Sign Language. Most Deaf cannot read the Romanian Scriptures and understand them. The religious ceremonies of hearing worship are very confusing initially, and ultimately very boring to the Deaf.

The religious make up of the country is overwhelmingly Eastern Orthodox at (85.94%), with Protestantism (3%), Reformed (3.15%), Roman Catholicism (4.56%), and Greco Catholic (0.84%).

The TBSR team has completed a set of 32 chronological Bible stories and the gospel of Mark. A new team is being formed to propose plans for a new project for the next 3 years.


Project updates:


Apr 2024 - WT Lit & Educ
Download PDF • 2.22MB

Jan 2024 - TBSR Update
Download PDF • 941KB


Nov 2023 - TBSR
Download PDF • 1.11MB

Jul 2023 - TBSR
Download PDF • 1.73MB

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