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Fast Facts:
  • Languages: Tamah*, Gubos*, Perum*, Kadoko*, Hitet*

  • No. of speakers: Total 51,000

  • Christians: 65–90% (nominal)

  • Location: Southeast Asia**

  • Project start date: 31 May 2021

  • Expected completion: Dec 2024


Production goals:

  • 24 Bible stories from NT & OT using the OneStory method

  • Story videos, songs and Bible teaching materials for church use

Impact goals:

  • Churches will be using the stories in Storying Fellowship Groups, and using all the materials produced.

  • Communities will be using their written Scriptures, or starting or resuming translation projects.

The seven language groups in this cluster project are spread across different parts of the same region.

They are traditionally animist. Christianised in the 19th and 20th centuries, they are nominally majority Christian, but have some syncretistic practices. Some are under pressure from the main religion of the country. Some languages have written Scriptures, but others have none at all.

This project aims to revitalise the Christian faith of these people groups. Therefore, the local churches are involved from the beginning, and many Scripture Engagement activities are planned.

* For security reasons, pseudonyms are used for the language name and names of individuals.

** The exact location is confidential. Prior approval is required for further reproduction or distribution in any form.


Project updates:
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