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Fast Facts:

  • Languages: Harum*

  • No. of speakers: 360,000

  • Christians: <1% (UPG)

  • Location: Southeast Asia**

  • Project start date: 2011

  • Expected completion: 2024

Long-term Goals:

  • Translate the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament as well as songs, Bible stories and films.

  • Train Harum Christians in Bible translation and storying.

  • Develop partnerships with local churches and organisations.

The Harum are a people group who live on the slopes of a volcano in a Southeast Asian country. They make their living by farming, raising livestock and trading. The majority of the Harum belong to one of the dominant religions in the region and Christians only constitute under 1% of the population.

Working with Harum Christians and building relationships with non-believers are major activities in this project.

* For security reasons, pseudonyms are used for the language name and names of individuals.

** The exact location is confidential. Prior approval is required for further reproduction or distribution in any form.


Project updates:


Apr 2024 - Harum
Download PDF • 888KB

Jan 2024 - Harum
Download PDF • 1.03MB


Nov 2023 - Harum
Download PDF • 3.95MB

Jul 2023 - Harum Updates
Download PDF • 3.48MB

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