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Eastern Lawa

Fast Facts:
  • Languages: Eastern Lawa

  • No. of speakers: 8,000

  • Christians: <1%

  • Location: Southeast Asia**

  • Project start date: 2015

  • Expected completion: beyond 2025


Long-term Goals:
  • Complete New Testament and Old Testament portions

  • Develop materials to encourage Scripture use

  • Develop literacy materials and conduct training to read and write Eastern Lawa


The Eastern Lawa people live in the mountainous northern region of Thailand. Most practise a mix of animism and Buddhism, with only a handful of Christians. This project would provide the first Scriptures for the Eastern Lawa people.

From 2015-19, a 50-story panorama of stories from the Old and New Testament was crafted to help the Bui people get an overview of the story of redemption in their own language. These have been uploaded to Youtube.

Literacy and written Bible translation began in 2019/20.


Project updates:
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