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Prayer Video: Singapore

David Tan, Director of Wycliffe Singapore, prays for our city state.

We thank God for:
  • His grace, protection, and provision for over 50 years of Singapore's existence

  • the many who have given of themselves to build this nation into a multi-lingual, multi-racial, and multi-religious society that enjoys peace, progress, and prosperity.

  • the missionaries who brought the good news to this land many years ago.

  • His grace and mercy that has enabled many Singaporeans to come to know you and establish your church in Singapore.

As Singaporeans, we confess that:
  • We have often failed to acknowledge God's sovereignty over our country, ascribing our growth and successes to our own human efforts.

  • We have not always fulfilled our calling and responsibilities as citizens, in not being salt and light in our society.

  • We have embraced pragmatism and materialism as our idols.

We pray for Singapore:
  • To truly become a more just and equal society, where there is true love and righteousness.

  • To become a place where the poor and the vulnerable are remembered and helped.

  • For the Singaporean Christians to be salt and light not only in this land, but also to the lesser reached nations in Asia.

  • To be a blessing to the least-evangelised nations and peoples around it.

  • To be a servant leader that facilitates the emerging missions movement in Asia.

  • For the Christians here to be faithful and willing to step out of their comfort zone to serve in missions.

We would like to thank Wycliffe Global Alliance for the creation of this prayer video.

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