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News and Notes From the Field | Ambonese Malay & Komo

Revelations from Revelations

Ocha, an Ambonese Malay translator, was struck by the words of Revelation 7:9 as she worked with her teammates on translating the book. “This is God’s plan,” Ocha said. Others from the community have also been impacted by Revelation.

Ray, a college student who read the draft text and offered feedback to the translation team, had tears in his eyes as he read Revelation 3. “We young people want to live freely and do whatever feels good,” he said. “When I read Revelation, it occurred to me that we don’t know when we’re going to die.” For Ray, the text reinforced that he wanted his life to honor God. “I’m very glad I could come and help with this work,” he said.

The final two books of the Ambonese Malay New Testament are currently being consultant checked.

Growing impact and momentum

"Ever since my family and I started reading the Word of God in our language, we’ve been rejoicing — and our joy continues to increase each day,” a Komo church leader said. “The Bible passages we read have a different impact on us than those we listen to in Swahili.”

Excitement among the community is building as the completion of the New Testament is now in sight. Many people offer the team what they can — a home-cooked meal, lodging or even a few chickens. Some also give their time, reviewing and providing feedback on drafts of translated Scripture. Komo leaders are eager to see people continue to engage with Scripture even after the New Testament is finished. “The work being done in our language,” one official said, “is God’s answer to my prayers.”


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