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Personnel Administrator


Involvement Level

Part Time


As Personnel Administrator, you will be responsible for planning and coordinating the movement of staff within the organisation. You can use your experience to determine proper placement of staff within the organisation for maximum efficiency.


  • Coordinate with partner organisations to determine the appropriate deployment of staff.

  • Apply existing personnel policies and procedures appropriately.

  • Maintain current staffing data in the organisation’s information system.


  • Polytechnic diploma or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree may be required for some international locations.

  • Extremely proficient with MS Windows and/or Office applications and internet literacy required.

  • Management training and prior experience working in personnel or Human Resources helpful.

  • Excellent people skills, including effective listening and communication skills, ability to confront with clarity and kindness, and to make difficult decisions.

  • Previous cross-cultural experience is beneficial.


  • Intercultural Communication Course may be required.

  • Volunteers will be given an individualised training and orientation programme.

If you would like to indicate your interest for this role, please click on the button below to contact our Personnel team. You will be contacted when opportunities arise.

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