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Literacy Specialist


Involvement Level

Full Time


Literacy goes hand in hand with Bible translation and community development! It involves much more than just helping people to read and write. As a literacy specialist, you’ll be involved in developing and organising literacy programmes, training teachers, producing materials for people to read and a whole lot more.


  • Partner with communities and organizations to carry out various literacy and education projects.

  • Provide leadership and expertise to the planning and implementation of projects, in-programme design, primer construction, materials development, writers’ workshops, teacher training, program supervision and management training, etc.

  • Participate in multilingual education programmes.


  • Teaching certification is helpful.

  • Cross-cultural experience is helpful.


  • Training in literacy methods and cross-cultural issues under SIL.

  • On-the-job literacy training and workshops.

If you would like to indicate your interest for this role, please click on the button below to contact our Personnel team. You will be contacted when opportunities arise.

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