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Bible Translation Specialist


Involvement Level

Full Time


Language and culture are foundational to the identity, beliefs and values of a people group and how they transfer those beliefs and values to future generations. That’s why Bible translation is so important. As a Bible translator, you’ll work with a team of mother-tongue speakers and other linguists to translate Scripture, ensuring that it is accurate, clear and speak to the heart of a people group.


  • Contribute to the Bible translation process for a minority language or cluster of languages — from initial exegesis to draft, testing, and publication.

  • Provide textual exegesis using commentaries and other resources to evaluate drafts of a translation.

  • Provide linguistic analysis to the translation process, including developing or revising an orthography as needed.

  • Organise and lead a translation project team, including maintaining relations with appropriate stakeholders in local churches, in the community, and with other partner organisations.

  • Teach, train and coach local community members in translation principles and procedures.

  • Facilitate community testing of translated passages to evaluate comprehension and ensure that they communicate the intended meaning as fully and as clearly as possible.

  • Develop the capacity of the translation project team members and local institutions to continue translation and assume responsibility for the future of their translation project.


  • Bachelor's degree.

  • Previous cross-cultural experience is beneficial.


You will be expected to complete linguistics, cross-cultural and Bible training to be ready for a field assignment. Additional training will also take place while on the field.

If you would like to indicate your interest for this role, please click on the button below to contact our Personnel team. You will be contacted when opportunities arise.

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