13 Oct 2017

Order in the Chaos

Who in their right mind would go to a dangerous place with harsh living conditions to work their fingers to the bone for nothing? Jane take a step of faith and finds out that God has everything under His control!

04 Oct 2017

EthnoArts Workshop - Art the Language of the Soul

Art is the expression of man's insatiable desire to create, given by God himself who created the world. When God's message is expressed through different cultures and artforms, it touches people's hearts in a powerful and unexpected way. 

21 Sep 2017

Culture Meets Scripture Workshop, 17-20 July, Klang, Malaysia

The Culture Meets Scripture (CMS) workshop helps believers uncover a culture’s assumptions and beliefs, and equips them to make godly choices when cultural practices clash with Scripture.

15 Sep 2017

Community Development: Meeting Felt Needs

Read about the experience of the Jin language project in Asia, illustrating how Community Development can be closely integrated with translation work.

24 Aug 2017

The Spoken Word in Your Heart Language

“This is a basic skill/lifestyle that needs to be put into the hands of every child of God, not just Sunday School teachers or leaders.”
- A participant from Wycliffe's Bible Storytelling Workshop 2017

03 Jul 2017

The boss is good!

“Would you do it again?” Her answer is unhesitating: “Yes, I would, all 40 years!"
- The first Wycliffe member from Singapore