03 Jul 2017

The boss is good!

“Would you do it again?” Her answer is unhesitating: “Yes, I would, all 40 years!"
- The first Wycliffe member from Singapore

08 Jun 2017

The People of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s people face an incredible diversity of opportunities and challenges. They always have.

The people’s history stretches back many millennia. Over thousands of years, groups of people learned to survive together, reaching an island and settling there, or finding a high valley and making it home.

02 Mar 2017

Running the Journey Well

At the age of 32, Pearle left Singapore to serve in South Asia. She shares with us how her journey really began long before she realised, and how God led her step by step into the mission field.

15 Feb 2017

The Word Has Come to Romblon

For the past 21 years, Phyllis Rappa has been working in Romblon, Philippines translating the New Testament into the Romblomanon language. This is her story of why she chose to work with this people group, the challenges she faced, and how the Word has changed the community. The province of Romblon is made up of three main islands situated right in the centre of the Philippines with a population of about 200,000 people.