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Internships with Wycliffe Singapore

Thinking about missions? Wondering how to spend your next break?
If you’re looking for some work experience or just want to give time to serve the Lord in a mission agency, we welcome you to join us! Serve from one month to a year, as a support worker or in the field – we’re sure that God will speak to you through this experience. You can also volunteer with us on a regular or ad hoc basis.

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What Interns & Volunteers have to say


I’ve gained better insight into God’s work through the missionaries. I respect them for their selfless dedication. It’s my honour to share in a tiny part of their work!


Using my God-given gifts to serve people groups that do not have God's Word in their mother tongue is a rewarding experience in my faith journey.

Weng Hei

My time at Wycliffe has made me realise how much time Bible translators take to translate God's Word into a language that has no Bible. I hope more people will respond to God's call and take up Bible translation.

Not sure where you fit in?
Click the button below and select the 'Find My Fit' option in our form to fill in a short questionnaire and we'll be glad to start a conversation!
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