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Upcoming Events

  • Camp Wycliffe, Oct 2023
    Camp Wycliffe, Oct 2023
    Fri, Oct 27
    Harvest Haven
    Harvest Haven, Gopeng, Ipoh
    Harvest Haven, Gopeng, Ipoh
    Camp Wycliffe is a 3-day short exposure to World missions, cross-cultural ministries and Bible translation work through games and simulations. You will meet missionaries from the field in this camp. Find out more!
  • Stories from the Field: Me? A Missionary?
    Stories from the Field: Me? A Missionary?
    How do skills in education, healthcare, aviation, construction, shipping etc. help in Bible translation? There are so many ways to support Bible translators as they work on translating the Word of God. Come hear how Josh used his gifts to serve God and other missionaries in the mission field!


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