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Join us in Transforming Lives with God's Word

Scripture Engagement Specialist

Scripture Engagement

The ultimate aim of any language project is to see lives changed as the people apply the Scriptures to their own lives and the life of the Church. Scripture Engagement Specialists work alongside churches and translation teams to help people see the relevance of God’s Word to everyday life. The work of Scripture engagement is extremely varied, ranging from developing Bible study or Sunday School materials to producing audio or videos resources. They may work with Arts & Ethnomusicology Specialists to help church communities worship God in culturally appropriate ways.


  • Work with churches and translation teams to develop Scripture Use programmes and materials for the local community.

  • Help the community learn how to incorporate and apply Scripture to their everyday lives.


  • Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience.

  • Previous cross-cultural experience is beneficial.

  • Other training may be required by individual projects.

Scripture Engagement Specialist
If you are interested in this role, please drop us a message by clicking 'Find My Fit'. Indicate in the comments section the role and we'll be glad to start a conversation! 
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