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School Teacher


Are you passionate about children and youth, and interested in cross-cultural communication? Then consider an overseas service posting in teaching missionary kids! You can minister to students and their parents in a multicultural educational setting.


  • Appropriately plan for and carry out instruction using the curriculum and/or textbook guides provided and a variety of materials and media.

  • Prepare, administer and correct assessments, and maintain records and grades in accordance with school standards and procedures.

  • Discuss student’s academic and behavioural performance with parents, recommending action when necessary.


  • Valid teaching credential or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree may be required for some international locations.

  • Minimum 1-year teaching experience.

  • Ability to communicate effectively to a class comprising children from a variety of nationalities, sensitive to illustrations and figures of speech that are culturally bound.

  • Previous cross-cultural experience is beneficial.

  • No record of child abuse or harassment, as defined by SIL policy.


  • International Children’s Education orientation or equivalent as determined by the Third Culture Kids Care & Education Coordinator.

  • Intercultural Communication Course may be required.

  • Volunteers will be given an individualised training and orientation programme.

School Teacher
If you are interested in this role, please drop us a message by clicking 'Find My Fit'. Indicate in the comments section the role and we'll be glad to start a conversation! 
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